The first visit to the dentist is a very important experience for a child and should pass as pleasant as possible without stress and trauma. Therefore, it is an ideal time to bring the child to the dentist while there is still no problem and use the first visit to meet the child with the ambience of the office, as well as establishing communication with the child and parents. In the first visit, the parent and the child receive information regarding the proper maintenance of oral hygiene, as well as for a balanced diet in order to preserve the oral health of the child.


Color seals (blue for boys and pink for girls) are not only interesting and entertaining children, but also useful because they release fluoride. It is known that fluorides have a significant place in caries protection. The color of the seal is proven to be the most prolonged in relation to other fillings on the milk teeth. In addition to having fluorine in it, working with them is a simple and shortened stay in a dental office.

It is very important that all milk teeth are in function until the finished tooth removal is completed. The change of the tooth begins with the growth of the first molar and the first lower incisor, usually about 6 years. The shift of milk teeth ends between 12 and 14 years, so it is very important that children have preserved milk teeth not only because of chewing, but also because they keep a place for permanent teeth.


Watering fissures is a preventive measure that is performed on the biting surfaces of healthy premolars and molars, immediately after the emptying of these teeth. The first permanent molars (six) are watered at children aged six to seven years. These teeth have pronounced fissures and piticos are hardly accessible by fiber toothbrushes, making them an ideal place for food and bacteria accumulation, and therefore a pre-selection site for the formation of caries. In order to prevent the emergence of caries in these places, the cleansed and prepared fissure system is filled with special watering hens that prevent the accumulation and reproduction of bacteria, and thus the emergence of caries.



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